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Tenant Representation

An organization usually loses significant amount of income and vital benefits whenever not using professional tenant representation for office rentals. However, few are aware of this fact in the business world. There is still a general belief among corporate executives that there is no need for specific professional experience in terms of headquarter, office, rental opportunities and conditions, lease contracts and contracting.

Professional Experience

The reality of the market is exactly the opposite according to TCL Group's decade-long rental experience as a leading commercial leasing agency in Budapest, Hungary. In office search and leasing contracts, it is crucial that most corporate executives or employees charge of office moving do not have up-to-date and extensive office market knowledge. They also have fewer relations on the real estate market, which are essential in achieving and retaining a good tenant position in negotiations with leasing companies. In contrast, the office owners are using the help of professional real estate consultants and the tenants are exposed to unfavorable circumstances for companies without legal personality.

 Professional experience

Comprehensive Market Image

This disadvantage can be measured in money. The companies that use the TCL Group's tenancy support are able to agree with landlords on favorable rental rates and better terms than alone. In this process every tiny detail counts. 1 euro difference in price for a 60-month office space of 1,000,000 square meter is actually worth 60,000 euros. The better tenant position and rental conditions in all cases are due to the fact that our employees are familiar with the thorough knowledge of locations, offices, landlords and with a comprehensive view on the market for our clients from office searching in Budapest to contract.


The basic principle of our leasing philosophy is fast, personal and independent advice at all points of the office search. Our customers from the start can be assured that their organization gets the best solution. The credibility and effectiveness of our service is proven by a long line of our references: the TCL Commercial Real Estate Group has helped to find offices in Budapest for many domestic and multinational companies, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing and energy companies, financial organizations and large state institutions.

The main stages of TCL Group's tenancy service 

Assessing Needs 

The counseling process for the Budapest office search or the extension of a current office lease begins with a quick assessment of customer needs. The exact position is the basis for selecting the potential offices that meet the customer's needs and goals.


On the basis of the needs assessment, we provide fast market analysis and advice to our client, within hours of the request. The staff of the TCL Group together with a description of the potential locations that meet the customer's profile, needs and performance, provide detailed feedback on how well the needs fit to the current market conditions. For example, a first targeted location might be ideal for an IT company, but less for a financial company or a law firm. It is often the case that the tenant's expectations are about past fees and rental terms that are no longer available in the current market environment.


Select an Appropriate Office Type

A key element of consultation is to help our customer choose the most suitable office type for his or her organization. Because of the size of an office for hundreds of people, it is obvious that an office building is the ideal location, but when selecting it, it does matter, for example, what the cost and the service package the office building is to run. A customer may realize during the consultation that he or she expects the office building to operate cost-effectively with high-quality renewable energy. The commercial leasing advisors of the TCL Group also pays special attention to the fact whether the customer is doing his job in the labor shortages sector. For them, the quality of the working environment and the extra services provided by the office building, as well as the availability of good infrastructure and public transport, are more important than usual. The office brokers of TCL Office Rental Agency also takes into account intercultural differences and knows the expectations and priorities of decision-makers and organizations from different countries. 

We help our clients with smaller organizations to provide consulting services for the search of appropriate residential and serviced offices. For example, in case of a small company, the obvious solution is to save on the infrastructure, which is one of the great advantages of serviced offices. Another important aspect is that a different office type and location is required for an organization that is largely engaged in office activities and a major prestige customer business.


Following consultation and selection of the appropriate office type, the TCL Group staff presents a complete offer based on customer needs and Budapest office market opportunities.


Selection of Targeted Offices in Budapest

In a further consultation, the client selects the appropriate offices from the offer, which are provided by the TCL Group staff for more up-to-date, mostly information that are only informally available. 


The selected offices and the associated properties and locations are presented to the customer with a personal attendance. In the case of foreign representatives, the personal accompaniment of the TCL Group will often be provided from the arrival in the country to the leaving, if the customer so requests.

Competitive Comparison of Offers, Decision Preparation

Due to its independent consultancy activity, the TCL Group is not committed to any single office building owner. We are competing the owners of the offices selected by our client, which provides a good negotiating position for the tenants we represent.

Competitive comparison

Selection and Contracting

The commercial leasing advisors of the TCL Group are aware that negotiating the lease of a selected office requires one of the most experienced and advocating abilities of tenant representation in Budapest, in which even a sentence can cost hundreds of millions of rental cost to the tenant or landlord. Our experts engage in a serious mediator role, help the process, draw attention to solutions and compromises and at the same time offset contracts made on the basis of ownership interests.

Think Over the Long Run 

Tenants' representation is not considered closed by the TCL Group even after the conclusion of the contract. Our staff occasionally evaluates the status and customer satisfaction of the former customers with regard to the new office. Experience has shown that customers need long-term tenancy representation in Budapest, Hungary after contracting. Problems, conflicts with the office building, owner, operator, or the tenant side may also arise after the move, as well as change or expansion needs or even unexpected situations and relocation needs. In these situations, tenants are typically in poor negotiating position without a representative, and here the TCL Group assists its clients with further advice.

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