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An Exclusive Office for Hundreds of People in Weeks

In the real estate market everybody understands that in a few weeks it is impossible to move a large organization to several thousand square meters of high-quality office. At TCL Group we call this vis major and we solve it.

Serious Challange - Quick Response

During tenant representation it is a great challenge and a real measure of professional experience when vis major situations are to be solved in a very short time, moreover  on a high standard that is, of course, expected by the customer. Demands in these cases often outweigh the usual market framework, and are therefore unsolvable without the up-to-date knowledge of the local real estate market and without extensive trust relationships. The staff of the TCL Commercial Real Estate Group have resolved many of these cases in the past years, to the great satisfaction of the customers.

Trouble in office search in Budapest

Such a professional challenge, for example, was the case of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, whose leader at the end of 2012 sought an urgent need for the TCL Group. The organization with hundreds of employee had to rent a new office in Budapest within weeks, as it was forced to move from Kossuth Square office building due to a renovation. Our team reacted very quickly for the telephone inquiry: within minutes a recall was made with the required list of possible offices, and within hours, on the same day, we presented the proposed office buildings personally to the representative of the customer. Thanks to the quick response, our group received an entrusting for tenancy representation from the Chamber.

One and a Half Months Instead of 1 Year

The Chamber needed a high-class office building with a thousand square meter office space in the heart of downtown of Budapest. After viewing the office buildings, the TCL Group provided further advice and detailed analysis to the Chamber. Finally, the customer decided to go to the Bankcenter, where he could move into before the deadline was over, within one and a half months. According to the usual market parameters, an organization will move into one such high-quality office from the emerge of the demand within half a year to a year. Only the area around the office space needs 3 months to be built after the contract is signed.

MKI iroda Bank center

In the quick and successful solution, our group's market knowledge and excellent relationship with the office-building owner played a significant role. Since TCL Commercial Real Estate Agency is independent, not exclusive representative of a single office building, in comparison with the market conditions at that time, the client has received one of the most exclusive offices of the capital city, a two-store, panoramic office space - under more favorable and better conditions.

This is Not the End

Cooperation with the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has not been abolished even after the moving in, as the TCL Group does not considers the tenant's representation over, even after the conclusion of the contract. We monitored the needs of the Chamber in the new location and helped find a solution to the expansion needs during the rental period. Prior to the expiration of the lease agreement, we supported the organization again as a consultant in the extension decision, which resulted in new market analyzes and competing office buildings. Thanks to this support, the Chamber was able to extend the contract to a larger area than before, with better negotiating positions than the market parameters again at considerably more favorable conditions.

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An Exclusive Office for Hundreds of People in Weeks

This Is Called Vis Mayor at TCL Group but we have a solution.

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