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Landlord Representation

Based on the many years of tenant representation and landlord consultancy experience of the TCL Group, we are aware of that for office-building owners it is a great value if they can quickly conclude a contract with a lender that generates great attraction. A major company name ensures that the new property will be filled with tenants within one year. A vacant office building or a vacant, large office space is a serious burden on the owners.

Lessor's Interests

TCL Group's rapid intermediation and domestic market knowledge is a particularly important advantage over multinationals that react slower in this area. Our information acquisition capacity and our non-bureaucratic operating model are outstanding on the Budapest real estate market. After a survey of emerging needs, our staff will shortly develop a comprehensive leasing strategy for the office-building owners seeking the TCL Group.

Over the last ten years, we have represented the interests of tenants and owners in thousands of transactions; we have been mediating a number of office buildings and tenants, and have a decisive role in the realization of transactions. During our activity, we have gained extensive experience and a thorough knowledge of the domestic office market: we have seen the golden age before the crisis; the tenant market emerging as a result of the shrinking demand during the crisis; and we keep up-to-date on the shrinking supply and strengthening ownership positions due to the upswing of recent years.

Owner's Representation

 Close Cooperation

We have a good relationship with the owners of the Budapest real estate market, who often find us with their needs, which the TCL Group employees respond to with reliable, fast and flexible solutions. For years it has come back and today we still have a successful cooperation with Bankcenter, in which we have moved large renters such as Diagnoscan Hungary Ltd., Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or ACE Europe.

Our group played a significant role in the 100 percent upload of the DC Offices that were completed for the time of the crisis, where we managed to win the Techtronic Industries Ltd. and Hasznaltauto.hu as a tenant. We also had a similar role in uploading the József Nádor Office Building, in which we assisted many lawyer offices with our counseling.

Advisory assistance between tenants and landlords will be particularly important during the next period, as the Budapest office market expanding hundreds of thousands of square meters. The pre-sale of the newer capacity is already in progress in 2017, which means that we can count on a stronger lender competition. It also excites the office market by boosting state involvement in office capacity expansion.

Excellent Knowledge of the Market

The fulfillment of the needs of the leasing companies is greatly supported by the multilateral real estate market activity of the TCL Group, which allows our employees to receive inquiries from thousands of customers every month and generate hundreds of thousands of leads per year on an international and domestic level. The luxury property management divisions of TCL Group, the Budapest Luxury Apartments, Catherine Dickens Properties and Eurocenter Properties, which specialize in foreign ownership and handle a thousand luxury properties, mean a major foreign clientele for our partners. For this reason, TCL regularly communicates with foreign markets and often organizes foreign ownership meetings.


Mediation and serving the needs of the lenders are greatly assisted by the fact that the TCL Group has extensive marketing activities in the real estate market, ahead of its international competitors. Our activity is transmitted through 23 specialized, professional web sites that keep up with current trends. In our pages, such as Új Iroda and Budapest Offices, our current high quality office supplies are continuously available as non-advertised content, which makes it possible to connect many tenants and landlords.

Leasing companies are also assisted by the TCL Group's own ownership and leasing experience. From outside as well as from inside, it knows the market as owner and consultant, and thanks to this it has the ability to represent the interests of the owners with authentic real estate expertise in traditional leasing, services offices and the construction of service centers. With our Tower Offices project in 2013, we created our own serviced office in the West End Business Center, which was loaded within a year due to its very high standard.



The successful project was followed by the creation of a new serviced office, the even higher standard MOM Park Offices, which was 50 percent loaded at the moment of opening. Our serviced offices were leased to major market players such as Sandoz Hungary Ltd., Bayer Hungary, Goodman Hungary, and important public organizations such as National Infocommunications Service Provider or National Strategy Research Institute. The international success of the idea is demonstrated by the fact that it has attracted the attention of one of the world's largest office rental service, who has engross the project later..

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