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2019 / 02 / 14

Latest Developments from Váci út Office Corridor

Codic International, based in Brussels, builds its 21,000 square meter office and 275 apartments in Budapest with the Hungarian Houses of Pest and the Venta Group in Austria. District XIII. is both among the best districts in terms of office development and housing development, as there is a lot of investment in this area. At the same...
2019 / 02 / 04

The Office Market in Budapest is Blowing Up

The Hungarian office market closed a very strong year last year, with gross rentals exceeding 171 000 square meters in the last quarter, an annual level of over 535 000 square meters.Tópark Offices (15 355 square meters), Pasaréti Office Building (5 870 square meters), HillSide Offices (21 925 square meters) and Societé Budapest (1 120...
2018 / 12 / 05

New Office Buildings Handed Over in Budapest

We have reached the most dynamic period since 2011 in office rentals. Many new and spectacular office buildings were handed over in Budapest and we can expect growth in the next period.Mill Park Office BuildingWith the development of Skanska, the Mill Park office complex, begun in 2016, has already completed its second building. The...
2018 / 06 / 06

New Generation - New Type of Offices

The Y generation is slowly integrating into the world of work, and this will bring some changes to the office market. This age group considers other things important than their predecessors when job choices are made. Therefore, the office market must be different to changing needs as well. In recent studies, Colliers International and...
2018 / 05 / 10

Race for Office Spaces in Budapest

Several articles and analyzes have reported about the growing demand for office space in Budapest, the saturation of the market, and how the Budapest office prices go up. However, the tenant side has fewer words: how does the tenant live in an accelerated market situation? In this article, we try to highlight this.Experience shows that...
2018 / 03 / 10

News from the Budapest Office Market

The office market in Budapest grows extraordinary: although offices are ever more expensive, there is no shortage of investors or renters. There are plenty of new offices, many of which are already in the hands of the owner. It is already apparent that 2017 has further tapered the office market, but the question is whether the future...
2018 / 01 / 29

Office Market: What the future holds

The vacancy rate of the Budapest real estate market is still at a record  low level. However, we are facing a year of confidence, as even more volume of office is expected than last year, possibly leading to a rise in vacancy rate that has been low for years.According to BRF's latest report, last year's domestic office stock...
2018 / 01 / 26

These will be Budapest’s newest offices

Is there any more space? The question may drop to you, as we are tracking the construction of a new office building all over the city. Of course, there are particularly popular neighborhoods such as the Váci Street office corridor from Lehel Square to the Árpád Bridge, but neither the South Buda nor the South Pest nor the other districts...
2018 / 01 / 10

Budapest's 5 Best Green Offices

If not only location and quality are important but also environmental awareness, the green office is the best solution. The best-known rating system is the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assesment Method) established in 1990 and the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system, which...
2018 / 01 / 05

What to Expect in the Office Market?

Now, it is clear that 2017 was one of the most exciting years of the past decade on the office market. Although the volume of finished office developments is quite low, we can now expect a 500 thousand square meter expansion in the Budapest office market with the development of ongoing projects. Meanwhile, the vacancy rate is also...


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